English – Conference “What have we done and what should be done for the education of Roma by the end of the Decade for Roma Inclusion 2005-2011?”

Director of the Adult Education Center Ms. Ljindita Qazimi will attend the conference entitled “What have we done and what should be done for the education of Roma by the end of the Decade for Roma Inclusion 2005-2011?”.The conference was organized by the association Roma Business Information Center in Macedonia, in cooperation with the National Roma Centre and HIDZRI “Anglunipe” and with financial support from the embassies of the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

The aim of the conference is to encourage and strengthen public dialogue among all relevant actors involved in the Decade, with particular emphasis on dialogue between civil society and government representatives in order to identify key issues and priorities in education of the Roma community in the Republic Macedonia and to make relevant recommendations and proposals to improve the situation and achieve the objectives of the action plans for education.

The conference will be held on 11/10. 2011, in the Hotel Continental – Skopje, beginning at 9:30 am.

English – Promotional event for the project “Support for capacity building of the Adult Education Center”

On 5 December 2011 in the faculty of philology “Blaze Koneski” Skopje, was held a promotional event for the project “Support for capacity building of the Adult Education Center, development of programs for adult education and literacy programs and completion of primary education the excluded”, which is  under the IPA Operational Programme component 4 – Human resurse development. . The Project is  implemented by  the Franco-Spanish consortium, and the bearer of the project is GIP International from France.

The event was opened by the Head of Delegation of the European Union, Mr Robert Liddell and at the event also took the word: deputy minister of education and science, Mr. Safet Neziri, director of the Adult Education Center, Ms. Lindita Kazimi, the project leader from France, Mr. Jean Bifenoar, project leader from Spain Mrs. Carmen Sains and twinning project adviser at the Adult Education Center, Mr Jean-Luc Sally.

The project, which will last a period of 22 months, began implementation in October 2011 and will run until July 2013. Within the project will partcipate 30 experts from France and Spain, who are constantly involved in national and international activities to develop skills associated with access to qualifications and employment. Within these 22 months will be covered the following 3 components:

1.Strengthening the capacity and function of the Adult Education Center;
2.Developing and testing programs for adult education and
3.Developing and testing programs for literacy and completion of primary education for excluded  persons.
The project is funded by the European Union.

Presentation Twinning Project

Development of Adult Education
5 December 2011

English – Internal promotional event of the project: Support for capacity building of the Adult Education Center

In addition to the promotional event ” Support for capacity building of the Adult Education Center, development of programs for adult education and literacy programs and completion of primary education for excluded persons“on December 6, 2011  an internal promotional event was held in SETU Mihajlo Pupin – Skopje.

The event  began with  the speech of the director of the Adult Education Center, Ms. Lindita Qazimi, and presentations were  held by Mr. Jean Bifenoar, project leader from France, Ms. Carmen Sains, project leader from Spain and Mr. Jean-Luc Selie, an adviser to the twinning project from France, Mr.Constantine Hristovski, consultant for twinning project from Macedonia and Ms. Nadica Kostovska, IPA co-ordinator from the Ministry of Education and Science.