Adult Education Centre as national Coordinator for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning received a grant from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) for implementation of the project: “Implementing priorities for the European Agenda for Adult Learning – National Coordinators for the implementation of the Agenda”.

The goal of this project is to respond to the currently existing challenges in the Adult Education sector, such as low participation and low level of awareness on Adult Learning and Education and Lifelong Learning. It aims to contribute to acceleration of the ongoing processes for accomplishment of the national strategic goals in Adult Education, to strengthen overall coordination among all relevant actors and stakeholders in creation of synergies for joint action, all in compliance with the priorities of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

The measures created in the frames of this project are directed toward accomplishment of following objectives:

  1. Increase of participation of adults in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning through improvement of the framework conditions and creation of enabling environment
  2. Labor market development through efficient implementation of innovative skills strategies


  1. Promotion of European dimension of Adult Learning and Education.


The core measures of the project will lead to following results:

– Development of a new Adult Education Strategy

– Digitalization of the process of verification of programs for non-formal education of adults

– Training of teachers and trainers of verified Adult Education programs

– Capacity building of the newly established Regional Centers for Vocational Education and Training

– Promotion of the European Year of Skills and Pact for Skills on national level.


The project will be implemented in a 2-year period, from 01.01.2024 to 31.12.2025