Europe in Focus: Macedonia’s entry into the EU as a task to adult education

Director of PI Center for Adult Education Ms.. Lindita Kjazimi will attend a study visit in Education center Viznek Buhenbah, Germany, in the period from 1st – 10th September 2012. Host this visit is a provincial center for political education of Baden Württemberg. The program will consist of a series of lectures on European educational and political topics and visits to various relevant institutions in the vicinity of Freiburg and Strasbourg.


Dr. Karlhajnc Deere, an associate of the provincial center for political education

Uwe Berndt, Director of Education, Education center Viznek

Topics of the lectures:

– “Foundation Programmes for Eastern Europe Baden Württemberg” U. Vogelmann, Baden Württemberg Stiftung GmbH

“European integration and policy today” M. Grosse Hüttmann, University of Tübingen

“Macedonia’s accession to EU enlargement to South-East Europe and the crisis in the EU as topics for adult education” K. Dürr, freelancer provincial center for political education

– “Europe in particular: Conflict and Cooperation in the German-French border region” Uwe Berndt, trainer, international programs, Education center Viznek

“The expansion to southeast Europe as EU planning game” M. Behne, Civicus

– “Macedonia before joining the EU” Conversation with the Honorary Consul of the Republic. Macedonia, H.Arndt

– Macedonia’s EU perspectives Gernot Erler, deputy of the Bundestag, Freiburg, deputy chairman of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party faction in the German Bundestag

Among other things, visited the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, the European Parliament National University Freiburg.


Provincial center for political education Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Education center Viznek Buhenbah in Freiburg, Germany

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Skopje, Macedonia

dvv international, Skopje, Macedonia

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