Today on 28/12/2011 at the premises of the Ministry of Education was held a press conference to promote two brochures: Handbook for the verification of special educational programs for adults and Licensing Handbook for adults educational institutions . The press conference was attended by the minister of education and science, Mr.Pance Kraljevo, Director of PI Adult Education Center, Ms.Lindita Qazimi and representatives of UNDP, Ms.Snezhana Mirçevsa Damjanovska.image2

The purpose of this brochures is to provide and explain the process of verification of programs and licensing for institutions that provide adult education. At the first phase of verification will be verified only special programs for adult education leading to qualifications and the second phase will include special programs for adult education which lead to specific competencies. Special programs are programs of informal education, to gain knowledge, skills and competencies.

The brochure for verification of special programs for adult education, the model for a specific program for adult education, the demand for verification, and other documents for verification of special education programs for adults can be found at the official site of the Center: . Any additional questions can be sent to this e-mail: .

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