From November 2012 to June 2013  up to 90 people will be trained in six different places of Macedonia in basic literacy skills.

Different kind of excluded persons will attend these literacy programmes such as single parents, young offenders and Roma people.


During the first week of October the local teams in charge for Literacy Pilot Programmes have been working with european experts in the places of Bitola (SUMNAL), Prilep (MULTICULTURAL OPEN UNIVERSITY), Shuto Orizari (ROMA RESSOURCE CENTER), Dolneni (MUNICIPALITY), Veles (EDUCATIONAL CORRECTIONAL HOME FOR JUVENALS) and Skopje (SUMNAL).

Each local team is composed by a couple of trainers and a coordinator which have prepared together with the EU experts the methodological approach of training as well as the documents to be used during the training.

On the second week of October the local teams will participate in a Training of Trainers course in Skopje to agree on pedagogical material for adults education.