A meeting was held on the 1st November 2012 in the premises of Astibo Fashion Group (AFG) in Stip, provided by Mr Vencislav Filipov, Executive Manager of AFG and President of theTextile Trade Association (TTA).

The participants were Mrs. Natasa Sivevska, Executive director of the Textile Trade Association, Mrs. Emilija Ivanovic, Center for Adult Education, Mr. Francis Lévi Short Term Expert, Mrs. Gordana Mircevska, interpreter for the Twinning Project and Mr. Lazo Sopov expert in Sewing Machine Maintenance.

The goal of this meeting was designing the profile of a good maintenance mechanic because many companies expressed the need for technicians with higher level of skills.

After the designing of this profile, the team studied the opportunity to set up a Pilot Program in this sector as part of the EU Twinning Project. Many options were presented to define the objectives of this training, the final beneficiaries, the possible organization, etc.

In Stip, also a meeting was held with some possible partners that could be Training Providers for the Pilot Program.

The conclusion of this meeting is that a Pilot Program which corresponds to the needs of the textile industry companies is feasible. The Training Design remains to be carried out before proceeding to launching the Twinning Pilot Program, managed by the Centre for Adult Education.

All these operations have been conducted by the CAE, using the methodology transferred thanks to the French experts of the Twinning Project.

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