On 15.11.2012 in the premises of the Chamber of crafts of the city of Skopje, Adult Education Center in the framework of the EU Twinning Project “In support of the adult education”, has organized a “Partnership seminar-progress and processes”.

Director of Adult Education Center, Ms Lindita Qazimi was present on the seminar and on her opening speech she presented the history and the mission of the Center, as well as the importance of the partnership process for further development and success of the Center.Seminar was lead by the Resident Twinning Advisor Mr Jean Luc-Cellie, who presented the partnership process in the lifelong learning field, as well as the approach of the twinning project applied for establishing a partnership.

Short-term experts from France, Ms Colette Simon-Ramillien and Mr Francis Levi, have presented to the audience the first results of the development of the partnership process within the Adult Education Center. They have explained the approach that they have used in order to extend the network of partners of the Adult Education Center and their importance in the preparation and implementation of the pilot programmes for adults.

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